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A Dialog Control Framework for Hypertext-based Applications

Presented at the 4th Informatiktage conference, November 8-9, 2002 in Bad Schussenried, Germany, organized by the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) e.V. and published by the Konradin Verlagsgruppe.


This thesis introduces a notation for specifying the dialog flow of hypertext-based applications, i.e. the succession of hypertext pages displayed on the client and application logic operations performed on the server. A key concept is the encapsulation of multiple dialog steps in context-independent dialog modules, which can be nested arbitrarily. The notation is accompanied by a framework that implements a dialog control logic capable of handling multiple presentation channels, leaving only the tasks of implementing the business logic, designing the user interface and specifying the dialog flow to the application developer.



Book, M.: A Dialog Control Framework for Hypertext-based Applications. Informatiktage 2002, November 8-9, 2002, Bad Schussenried, Germany. Konradin Verlagsgruppe 2003, 102-106

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  1. Motivation: Need for a Dialog Control Framework
  2. The Dialog Control Framework
  3. The Dialog Flow Notation
  4. Conclusion
  5. References


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