Sydney 2005
Sydney 2005
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Sydney 2005
Friday, July 22, 2005 - Sunday, July 31, 2005

In July 2005, I visited Sydney for a few days to attend ICWE 2005. In the evenings, I went sightseeing with Anke from our group in Leipzig, who also happened to be in Sydney at that time for an internship.

IMG0903MB_thumb.jpg 21.6K
Didgeridoo player at Circular Quay

IMG0906MB_thumb.jpg 18.9K
State Library

IMG0911MB_thumb.jpg 16.8K
Sydney Tropical Centre

IMG0921MB_thumb.jpg 16.1K
AMP Tower (Centrepoint)

IMG0924-0925MB_thumb.jpg 11.1K
Sydney Harbour and Eastern Suburbs

IMG0939MB_thumb.jpg 17.9K
Darling Harbour and Western Suburbs

IMG0944MB_thumb.jpg 18.8K
Hyde Park

IMG0948MB_thumb.jpg 19.8K
St. Mary's Cathedral

IMG0955-0956MB_thumb.jpg 12.6K
Queen Victoria Building

IMG0958MB_thumb.jpg 18.1K
Town Hall

IMG0959MB_thumb.jpg 17.3K
Town Hall

IMG0972MB_thumb.jpg 14.1K
Sydney Opera House

IMG0973MB_thumb.jpg 11.3K
Guillaume at Bennelong Restaurant

IMG0963-0969MB_thumb.jpg 4.5K
Sydney Cove

IMG0988MB_thumb.jpg 16.8K
The Rocks Market

IMG0990MB_thumb.jpg 15.4K
Campbell's Storehouse

IMG1014MB_thumb.jpg 9.9K
Opera House and City Centre

IMG1023MB_thumb.jpg 11.0K
Sydney Harbour Bridge behind Kirribilli

IMG1040-1041MB_thumb.jpg 6.7K
Sydney Harbour from Mosman Ferry

IMG1025-1030MB_thumb.jpg 3.5K
Sydney Harbour from Mosman Ferry

IMG1047MB_thumb.jpg 9.8K
Sydney Harbour from Mosman Ferry

IMG1048MB_thumb.jpg 10.3K
Sydney Harbour from Mosman Ferry

IMG1051MB_thumb.jpg 16.5K
The Rocks from Harbour Bridge

IMG1063-1064MB_thumb.jpg 11.2K
Circular Quay Skyline

IMG1066MB_thumb.jpg 14.6K
The Rocks and Circular Quay

IMG1069MB_thumb.jpg 10.2K
Sydney Opera House

IMG1076MB_thumb.jpg 15.2K
On Sydney Harbour Bridge

IMG1084MB_thumb.jpg 12.8K
The Rocks Clocktower

IMG1087MB_thumb.jpg 13.7K
Harbour Bridge across Campbell's Cove

IMG1091MB_thumb.jpg 9.9K
Sydney Harbour Bridge

IMG1093MB_thumb.jpg 11.6K
Opera House and Opera Quays

IMG1100MB_thumb.jpg 17.9K
Chinese Garden of Friendship

IMG1103MB_thumb.jpg 13.7K
Tumbalong Park

IMG1112MB_thumb.jpg 14.6K
Pyrmont Bridge with Monorail

IMG1114MB_thumb.jpg 13.4K
Cockle Bay

IMG1118MB_thumb.jpg 17.6K
Harbourside Shopping Centre

IMG1125MB_thumb.jpg 14.0K
Sculpture at Darling Harbour

IMG1122-1123MB_thumb.jpg 8.1K
Fountain at Sydney Convention Centre

IMG1140MB_thumb.jpg 15.7K
ICWE Dinner at Opera House

IMG1141MB_thumb.jpg 15.3K
ICWE Dinner at Opera House

IMG1145MB_thumb.jpg 14.8K
ICWE Dinner at Opera House

IMG1149MB_thumb.jpg 13.9K
Concert Hall in Opera House

IMG1151-1152MB_thumb.jpg 7.8K
Circular Quay Skyline

IMG1155MB_thumb.jpg 12.5K

IMG1159MB_thumb.jpg 8.7K
Sydney Opera House Forecourt

IMG1165MB_thumb.jpg 13.3K
Luna Park

IMG1166MB_thumb.jpg 15.0K
Circular Quay

IMG1166-1171MB_thumb.jpg 4.5K
Sydney Cove

IMG1174MB_thumb.jpg 12.1K
Sydney Harbour Bridge

IMG1181MB_thumb.jpg 14.9K
Cockle Bay

IMG1183MB_thumb.jpg 19.0K
Sydney Boat Show at Cockle Bay

IMG1185MB_thumb.jpg 17.1K
Cockle Bay Wharf

IMG1187MB_thumb.jpg 19.4K
Cockle Bay Wharf

IMG1189MB_thumb.jpg 18.2K
Cockle Bay Wharf

IMG1190MB_thumb.jpg 13.7K
Artist at IMAX Theatre

IMG1195MB_thumb.jpg 14.5K
Artist at IMAX Theatre

IMG1198MB_thumb.jpg 14.9K
View from Mrs Macquaries Point

IMG1201MB_thumb.jpg 15.2K
City Centre across Farm Cove

IMG1209MB_thumb.jpg 17.8K
View across Farm Cove

IMG1217MB_thumb.jpg 15.0K
Royal Botanic Gardens Main Pond

IMG1222MB_thumb.jpg 18.8K
Royal Botanic Gardens Main Pond

IMG1224MB_thumb.jpg 19.1K
Royal Botanic Gardens

IMG1226MB_thumb.jpg 8.7K
Royal Botanic Gardens

IMG1227MB_thumb.jpg 19.4K
Royal Botanic Gardens

IMG1229MB_thumb.jpg 16.6K
Royal Botanic Gardens

IMG1230MB_thumb.jpg 19.7K
Royal Botanic Gardens

IMG1242MB_thumb.jpg 13.8K
Sydney Opera House Roof Tiles

IMG1250MB_thumb.jpg 13.6K
Opera House and Opera Quays

IMG1257MB_thumb.jpg 11.1K
Qantas Boeing 747-400 at SYD
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