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Introduction | The IPSI EC portal | Process decription | Requirements analysis | Subsystem selection | Prototype development | GUI development | Integration and system test | Conclusion | References | Slides

A Specific Software Development Process for an Electronic Commerce Portal

Presented at the Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Quality Software, December 10-11, 2001 in Hong Kong, China, organized by the Department of Computer Science at the City University of Hong Kong et al. and published by the IEEE Computer Society.


The development of electronic commerce or electronic business systems (EC/EB systems) is subject to different conditions than the development of conventional software systems. Thus, software development processes which were employed for conventional systems until now must be adapted to these new conditions. EC/EB systems typically have a high degree of interaction, which makes factors like ergonomics, didactics and psychology especially important in the development of user interfaces. They typically also have a high degree of integration with existing software systems like legacy or groupware systems. The development of EC/EB systems requires a new software development process which takes the "time-to-market" factor into account and allows the reduction of development time while maintaining the same level of quality. This paper introduces and describes an adapted software development process for EC/EB systems and its special features using the development of an electronic commerce portal system as an example.



Gruhn, V., Schöpe, L., Book, M.: A Specific Software Development Process for an Electronic Commerce Portal. Yu, Y.T., Chen, T.Y. (Eds.): Proceedings of the Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Quality Software (APAQS 2001), December 10-11, 2001, Hong Kong, China. IEEE Computer Society 2001, 406-414

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  1. Introduction
  2. The IPSI electronic commerce portal
  3. Process description
    1. Requirements analysis
    2. Subsystem selection
    3. Prototype development
    4. GUI development
    5. Integration and system test
  4. Conclusion
  5. References


Note: The slides were not presented at the conference since the authors were unable to attend.

Authors: Volker Gruhn, Lothar Schöpe, Matthias Book -- Paper © 2001 The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE)