Berlin/Leipzig 2003
Berlin/Leipzig 2003
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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

In Leipzig, Matthias gives Young-A a tour of the city center. Some impressions include:

Goethe's statue in front of the Old Stock Exchange The Old City Hall on the market square St. Thomas' Church
St. Thomas' Church Yard The Commerzbank building (note that all the gold was on there already before the bank moved in, and they are actually a bit embarassed about it looking too pretentious!) The Mende Fountain and City Tower (being a Math major, Young-A knows how to apply the Pythagorean Theorem to photography, obviously :-)
From the top of the City Tower, we have a panoramic view of the city center and central stadium towards the west... ...the New City Hall and extensive parks in the south-west... ...and the south-eastern part of the city with the old trade fair grounds and the Monument to the Battle of the Nations in the distance.
On the way back home, we pass the fountains in front of the university cafeteria... ...and walk through the passages and areaways of Speck's Hof, one of the old merchant houses that have been exquisitely remodeled. At home, Young-A makes Bi Bim Bap...
...Matthias' favorite Korean dish! (Sorry about the cable - we broadcast the "cooking show" on the webcam :-) After dinner, we take a tour of Leipzig by night, again visiting the Old City Hall... ...the merchant and scale houses on the market square...
...Leipzig's busiest pub alley, the Barfußgässchen... ...St. Thomas' Church... ...the Old Stock Exchange...
The next day, Young-A takes the train back to Berlin, from where she flies back to Sweden... and then back to Missoula, Montana where the next semester is beginning. Matthias, meanwhile, gets back to work in Leipzig after a short but fun vacation.
...the Mende Fountain and Gewandhaus orchestra hall, with its huge wall painting inside... ...the Riquet coffee house and Speck's Hof. Looking forward to our next trip together! :-)

Note: More pictures of Leipzig can be found in the virtual city tour.


© 2003 Matthias Book (Text), Young-A Choi (Photos)