World Youth Day 2005
World Youth Day 2005
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Catechesis and Youth Festival
August 16-18, 2005, Cologne

The main programme of the XX World Youth Day in Cologne consisted of catechesis each morning, where bishops explained and discussed aspects of the Catholic faith with youth groups. In the afternoon, a diverse youth festival with bands, talks and activities was offered in cities throughout the archdiocese of Cologne.

A highlight on Thursday was the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI in Cologne, who greeted the pilgrims from a boat floating along the Rhine. Afterwards, he was welcomed by the archbishop of Cologne in front of the huge cathedral.

A number of video clips capturing impressions from Cologne can be found on the web portal of the Catholic Church in Germany. Reporters Marcus Bösch, Stefan Domke and Sabine Tenta provide hilarious accounts of their personal WYD experiences in the Weltjugendtagblog of WDR and Deutsche Welle (in German).

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