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Utah 2001
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Four Corners, Meteor Crater
Tuesday, January 9, 2001

Today, the good weather finally leaves us: We visit Four Corners (the only point in the USA where the borders of four states meet) in wind and rain, and then drive through Monument Valley in thick fog and snow, so we don't see anything at all of the scenery.

Four Corners Monument Valley in fog and snow Driving through Monument Valley in fog and snow

This allows us to spend plenty of time at Meteor Crater in Arizona - a huge bowl 170 meters deep and about 1 km across that was carved into the desert by a meteorite 50.000 years ago. The museum is interesting - lots of information on meteorites, comets and the Apollo program (the astronauts trained in the crater for the moon missions).

Meteor Crater Meteor Crater Meteor Crater
Apollo test capsule Meteorite Map of Apollo moon landing sites

We spend the night in a motel in Flagstaff and hope that we'll be luckier with the weather tomorrow.

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