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Utah 2001
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Friday, January 12, 2001

In Denver, our first stop is a candy factory. After putting on fancy hair nets, we watch how the hot semi-liquid sugar mass is molded into huge chunks, which are then stretched into long thin strings. While the strings are still warm and flexible, they are rolled into candy that solidifies as it cools down. Most of this is done by hand, which is amazing because of the temperature of the hot sugar mass.

Nils and Matthias in clean room gear (sort of) Molding the hot sugar mass... ...into huge patterned chunks...
...which are stretched into long, thin strings... ...that are quickly rolled up before they cool down. Packaged products

Next, we visit the Coors beer brewery. On a guided tour, we see various steps of the fermentation process, which seems to be managed mostly automatically.

The ingredients: barley, hops and rice Fermentation Control center
Production line Storage Packaging

Finally, we go sightseeing in Denver, with the capitol building being on of the most interesting sights. From the top of the dome, we have a great view over the city center.

Downtown Denver Downtown Denver Downtown Denver
Capitol Capitol lobby Capitol dome
Denver Denver Denver

After this last sight, we drive back to Montana, where the next semester is beginning soon.


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